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Reflections on starting Android project with Scala

Reflections after starting my first Android project in Scala: troubles, solutions, workarounds.

by Mateusz Kubuszok
May 19, 2016
Tags : Android Scala SBT

Improving your project with SBT

How can we use SBT to make our Scala project more manageable: modules, style checking and testing.

by Mateusz Kubuszok
May 12, 2016
Tags : Scala SBT

Running subprocesses from SBT console

Preparing environment for integration tests is not easy. Usually you need to run one or more external services - database, rabbitmq, web server, etc. What's more, you have to be sure that they are up and running. After performing the tests you have to be able to turn them off. My plugin makes it possible to start all required applications directly from SBT console with minimal effort.

by Jan Ziniewicz
June 9, 2014
Tags : Scala SBT Integration tests