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Introduction to Streams in Akka

An introduction to the concept of Streams and how to utilize them in Akka

by Marcin Gorczyński
April 18, 2017
Tags : Scala Akka Streams Reactive Platform

ConductR - One tool to rule them all

Deploy and manage your applications using ConductR from Lightbend. Here's why you should care and how to get started.

by Mariusz Nosiński
November 3, 2016
Tags : Scala ConductR Devops Reactive Platform

Handling Split Brain scenarios with Akka

A short introduction to the Split Brain scenarios and how to handle them with Akka

by Marcin Gorczyński
October 13, 2016
Tags : Scala Akka Reactive Platform

Your first microservices using Scala and Lagom

Build your first microservices using Scala and Lagom platform

by Arkadiusz Kaczyński
July 14, 2016
Tags : Scala Lagom Microservices Reactive Platform