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Require in self-hosted ClojureScript

An informative tour of ClojureScript's require in Replumb.

by Andrea Richiardi
December 21, 2015
Tags : Clojure ClojureScript Replumb

Clojure Explained - In the world of functions

For many Clojure is not only a new language but a new way of thinking. Let's start exploring some of the concepts that are hard to grasp when you first encounter this language.

by Tomasz Biernacki
December 14, 2015
Tags : Clojure ClojureScript

How we embedded ClojureScript in our GitHub pages

A brief guide on how to write ClojureScript blog posts if you are using GitHub pages.

by Andrea Richiardi
October 19, 2015
Tags : Clojure Github ClojureScript Reagent

Functional programming on frontend with React & ClojureScript

Lately all of my frontend work at ScalaC projects was done mostly using React. Recently lot of companies started to adopt this powerful framework. Since we are Scala shop and fans of functional approach as well as interested in using other functional languages I decided to give a try to ClojureScript and see how it might play together with React. In fact, those 2 technologies are playing together very nicely and enable you to build scalable and well performing UIs in functional way.

by Marek Tomas
April 2, 2015
Tags : ClojureScript Clojure Javascript Frontend