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Improving Akka dispatchers

Learn what makes Akka tick and what needs to be changed to make it tick faster!

by Zahari Dichev
July 20, 2017
Tags : Scala Akka Performance Concurrency

Custom GraphStage in Akka Streams

What is GraphStage in Akka Streams? When you need it and how to implement it?

by Michał Sitko
April 25, 2017
Tags : Akka Scala

Introduction to Streams in Akka

An introduction to the concept of Streams and how to utilize them in Akka

by Marcin Gorczyński
April 18, 2017
Tags : Scala Akka Streams Reactive Platform

Handling Split Brain scenarios with Akka

A short introduction to the Split Brain scenarios and how to handle them with Akka

by Marcin Gorczyński
October 13, 2016
Tags : Scala Akka Reactive Platform

Common Scala Gotchas

In this article I would like to write down some surprising gotchas that I encountered while working with Scala code.

by Patryk Jażdżewski Tomasz Perek
January 14, 2016
Tags : Scala Akka

Websockets Server with akka-http

If you want to know how to use `akka-http` to build your own server, you may find it worth your while reading this article. You'll learn how to build a websocket server. Some other topics are covered here, e.g. basic REST responses or akka-stream processing.

by Mariusz Nosiński
July 30, 2015
Tags : Scala Akka Akka Http Akka Streams Websockets

Overview of Akka Typed

Overview of type safe way of Akka Actors communication

by Leszek Gruchała
April 30, 2015
Tags : Akka Akka Typed

Akka Streams and RabbitMQ

Akka Streams is an exciting new technology from Typesafe that is an implementation of the Reactive Streams specification. RabbitMQ is a messaging broker implementing AMQP 0-9-1 protocol. It's known for its reliability, speed and simplicity in everyday use. These two technologies seem like a perfect fit, so in this post I'm going to explore some basic integration possibilities and example usage.

by Jakub Czuchnowski
June 23, 2014
Tags : Scala Akka Akka Streams Reactive Streams RabbitMQ